Monday, February 1, 2010

Loved Girl...

I'm a loved girl. I absolutely believe in love. While I was working three jobs, one of them being a restaurant in Uptown, Dallas, named Coalvines... I met my true love. And, a year and a half later he asked me out.

Yes, you read that right. Paul, was a regular and when i say regular I don't believe there was a week that I didn't see him on a Sunday or Monday night. He was always my sunshine that sat at the bar. I didn't know his name for a long time but whenever we made eye contact I would feel like I just breathed in fresh air.

One special night when we were closing up I struck up a conversation with him and we talked about Mexico. He had just been and I was planning on a trip to go. I started noticing evil glances from the rest of the wait staff and when I slipped away they pressured me to get him out of there so we could all close up and go home. So, I went back to him and wrote my name and number down on a piece of paper and told him to call me later. After that we texted every once in a while and struck up small conversations on the times I saw him.

I then started working in the Development Office of Children's Medical Center and had different hours than when I worked in the hospital. So, I took sometime off from Coalvines and did not see Paul for awhile. I picked up a shift months after being gone and sent Paul a text suggesting he should eat there that night so we could catch up. And, he did. He brought a friend with him and sat in my section, not at the bar. I was super excited, having this confirm that he must like me ...but, he totally ignored me the whole night. Every time I went to the table he barely looked at me and gave me one word answers. I totally put him in the not into me category and moved on.

Months later I received a text from him asking if I knew a certain doctor that worked for Children's in the center for cancer and blood disorders. He went on to say that he had done some donor work in the past for them and wanted to make sure they didn't need anything new to keep up with technology. I told him that I didn't know the doctor personally and that he should go through the Development Office to donate anything. He responded with a text that he was told that the Office of Development was full of red tape and he should work around them. I busted out laughing and wrote back, "You do know I work in the Office of Development don't you?!" It definitely broke the ice and we started texting heavily after that.

I remember one time accidentally hitting the call button instead of text button to him and quickly hung up the phone. I immediately texted him saying I didn't mean to call him and he responded with a text saying "you and me we're through!" It was soo cute and I ended up calling him. It still took a couple of weeks after that for him to finally ask me out. I said yes and then ended up canceling on him because of work and having to get home at a decent hour. He asked me out the next week for dinner after one of my football practices (I was a wide receiver for the Blondes vs Brunettes football game to raise money for Alzheimers). It ended up raining the whole practiced so I called and cancelled again. The third date he had planned was to see Seinfelds stand up comedy show and it was a go!

We never stopped dating and he never stopped surprising me. We went on ten dates before our first kiss. And he totally courted me through our whole dating experience. He whisked me off to Playa Del Carmen, Aspen twice, NYC and then finally Costa Rica where he asked me to marry him on Easter at sunset on his property. The best thing is he's better in person than I could ever transcribe.

Yes, now that we've been married for almost six months he's lost some of his chivalry but I'm still receiving sweet letters and I still get goosebumps when I sit down and think about how lucky and loved I am.

Love, Sarah

Oh, and that piece of paper that I gave him at Coalvines with my name and number... he still has it in a box that he has kept everything special from our dates. Can you say awe. :)


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