Thursday, July 26, 2012

favorite posts

I've been blogging for several years now and I decided to pull a few of my favorite posts since the beginning to share.  Feel free to click the titles of each picture to see the full story.


My Facebook 
March 2012

Whenever I think about giving up Facebook, I just think about this post.  A lot of special people are wrapped up in this one space.

Beautiful Wreck
February 2011

I wrote this post an hour after my Cayenne was totaled.  I read this post occasionally to remember the feeling of gratitude for safety and life.

Grandparents House
July 2012

This will always be a personal favorite of mine.  There's just something about your grandparents house that fills you with serenity.

August 2010

A life changing moment for me and I have it all captured right here.

May 2012

After doing this post I was blessed by the warmth the Corbett's gave me for these pictures.  It was the first time I felt my pictures were a gift.

Family Time
November 2011

We rarely have a day where Paul and I have nothing going on and just stay at home and hang out with the pets.  This day was so fun and extremely special.

Serena: Beautiful Day
May 2010

We don't get to see Serena nearly as much as we would like.  This post gives me some of the warmth of just sitting next to her and enjoying the same air and marvel in her beauty.

September 2011

I'm extremely camera shy and especially with something to this extreme.  But for this outfit post we just had a blast and I loved looking all 80's diva.

Mother-Daughter Spring Getaway
March 2011

My Mom and I have so much fun together.  I posted way to many pictures on this post, but it was such a wonderful day!

I Live in the Moment
June 2011

I still relate to this post 100% and it reminds me to keep living in those moments.

Sleeping with Spiders
July 2012

This is one of my favorite stories from Costa Rica and it taught me so much about my own mental strength.  

November 2011

 This picture might be one of my personal favorites.  It doesn't hold the most meaning to me, but I love getting lost in it.


I value your friendship and being apart of my little blog.  I would still do this without readers, but it makes it so fun to be able to share it with you!

Love, Sarah


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