Thursday, June 16, 2011

I live in the moment...

I live in the moment...

right before you walk out the door and think, maybe I should just change ...and you walk out anyways.
Every time I question what I'm wearing, I always end up getting the most compliments.  My $5 garage sale dress will always look better than a brand new designer dress, if I feel original and not washed into the crowd.

right before you want to quit your job and think, maybe I should just stay ...and you leave anyways.
This moment will definitely get your pitter-patter pattering!  But, if you're like me, then you've been feeling that way for a long time before you make that decision.  Pay your dues, but know your worth.  I can usually change my tune with an attitude check, but there always comes a time when you need to fly.

right before you hit send and think, maybe I should just hit delete ...and you send it anyways.
How many times do you think this when you first start dating someone?  And how refreshing does it feel after you send it anyways?  Everything I write, I own and will never deny.  If you keep to that, you will never regret after emailing, posting, or texting.    

right before you're about to gossip about someone and think, maybe I should not say anything ...and you actually keep your mouth shut.
I think gossiping is usually telling someone what you would like to tell the other person to their face.  I don't think people usually do it out of hatred, but love.  Ever since I came up with this theory, I try recognizing the moment and telling the person what I'm thinking directly to them.  It's very invigorating to actually tell someone your honest thoughts and usually makes for a closer bond.  

right before you do something that takes guts and think, why am I doing this ...and you just say why not.
Before almost every life changing event in my life since I was 23, I have first listened to George Strait's - The Road Less Traveled.  Honestly.  That song gets me to do anything. jump out of a plane!

right before you call an old friend and think, it's been too long ...and it ends up like a day hasn't past since you talked last.    
I love my friends.  I know that every friendship can't last the exact same all throughout your life.  But I treasure the times I have had with all.  The great thing about friends is that they're your family that you get to pick, so you know they'll be there for you for life.  

Always remember that you have you're own style, your own thoughts, and know your worth.  

Love, Sarah


Hilary Kennedy said...

I love this post! You are so unique and beautiful, and it inspires me to try to be more of who I am and not worry about what other people think or try to assimilate. :)

kels said...

i relate to this post SO MUCH! i feel like we could be friends. keep it up, lady!

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