Sunday, June 19, 2011

Library Construction

Earlier this month I came up with the idea to change our loft space into a library.  Click here to see my vision.  Paul, being the awesome hubby he is, started the project the next weekend.    

This is definitely Lizzy's space, so we had to be very careful to make sure she felt apart of the change.

We gave the futon to our neighbor and Paul ripped up the carpet and started with laying the bamboo floors.

He first put down this air guard to protect from any spills.

Then the floors began!

Paul never turns down a Scooter-break.

Thankfully Lizzy keeps him in line and focused on the job at hand.

...Travis came by to check on the progress and return some speakers they used for The Event.

The bamboo slats are solid and Paul had to even buy a new blade to continue the project.

Poor guy has been nailing

...and nailing

...and nailing the weekend away!

I had bought new glass water dispenser and jar for the cats food and water.

...I can't wait to replace these!

Lizzy is already enjoying the new floors and I'm so glad she doesn't mind the change so far.

Love, Sarah


Andrea Reh said...

I too have always dreamed of a library - this is my (rather glamorous) vision:

Just discovered your blog, would love it if you popped by mine sometime.

Andrea x

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