Monday, June 20, 2011

Bunk Beds for Ninos

On our last trip to Costa Rica for Easter I spent a lot of time with our guard and his family.  (You can see the post about them here and here.)  They never invited me to see their bedrooms, but since we built the house we know that it's way too small for a family of six and one one the way!

I asked if the kids sleep on the floor and they said yes.  I said they needed bunk beds for the kids and they just laughed.  It's not uncommon for Costa Rican's to just sleep on the floor with a foam mat.  When Paul got back to the house that day I told him I wanted to get the kids bunk beds and he didn't blink an eye and said we'll have Billy make them.  
Billy makes all of our furniture needs.  He's a young wood worker in Uvita and Paul had already contracted him to make a lounging chair and deliver it while we were gone, so we had him deliver the bunk bed and pick up mattresses for it as well.

He set it all up in his workshop and sent us a picture for approval and it turned out perfect!

He delivered the lounger ...look at little Oscar in the background!

...and then surprised the kids with the beds! 

This picture touches my heart so much.  These kids never complain and they have to walk up and down the mountain to go to school.  We want to make this family as happy as possible so they never want to leave. 

We figured this might help them enjoy the house more until we can build another wing for their growing family. 

Each trip we take down stuff the family might need or want.  If you have anything you would like to give them please let me know.

Love, Sarah


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