Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Tour : Bedroom & My Closet

Lately I have been spending A LOT of time in our bedroom.  It's a double edge sword because our TempurPedic bed is where my (injured) back feels best, BUT if I spend too much time in bed the rest of my body feels worse!  Thankfully I can set it up pretty nice.  I have my laptop plugged into the wall and a tv hanging over my shoe closet.  Me and HGtv have become pretty close.

So... to continue our Home Tour here is our bedroom and my closet.


Our bedroom is about to be moved into another area of the house and this space will then become either a guest bedroom/nursery/gym/wife cave depending on life.

Paul loves those day of the dead figurines, whenever we go to Mexico he wants to get one.  I never wanted them in our house, but for his birthday I painted him our family in day of the dead characters.  It's pretty cheesy, but he LOVES it.

This was our wedding "guest book". 

For Father's Day last year I put together a montage of Paul's babies.  He made a request for another one with our added "children" AKA Shadow and Serena.

This is my shoe closet.  I need to add more shelving, but it was just a drab closet that held jackets with a really heavy curtain, so I just lightened the load a bit.

From the first day we brought Shadow home from Costa Rica he has taken over Scooters cat bed in the closet.

Scooter has at least five more beds around the house so he didn't mind. 


This is my closet.  Paul's closet is seriously sooo much bigger than mine.  But I have racks of clothes in the garage that I keep my vintage and winter clothes so it kinda evens out.

I got these tie hangers at the Container Store and they work perfect for belts and scarves.

I keep these little storage containers packed with trip essentials.  One is for Costa Rica and warmer trips and the other two is for Aspen and colder places.

I keep my pants seperated by size.  Skinny me pants on top, normal sized me in the middle, and chubby me on bottom.  ...anyone else do this?

I love these dividers from Container Store.  I have my socks, panties, leggings, and sports bras.

I'm not much of a purse girl, but it looks like I need to show these a little more love.

If you're wondering why I haven't kicked Paul out of his closet yet (pics to come) ...1.  Don't think I haven't tried and 2. Good things come to those who wait.   In our renivation plans the new closet is gonna be HUGE and I'm waiting for my day.  Plus, it's pretty nice to have your closet in the washroom, with the steamer readily available.

I think I'll do our game room, garage, and roof tour next!

Love, Sarah


lins said...

it depresses me how insanely more organized you are than i. someday....

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