Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big Bowl with a little Nick & Sams

So I don't usually blog on food.  I really don't know why since it's one of my favorite things in this world we share.  I honestly consider eating one of my hobbies.  And this past weekend I found two new favorites.

It was a dear friend of mines birthday and her husband invited me to her surprise birthday party at Nick and Sam's, here in Dallas, TX.  I remembered her sharing on Facebook that Big Bowl Shaving Ice in Plano was her new favorite bubble tea, so I wanted to get her a gift card to there.  My awesome sister-in-law was coming to visit me at the house and so I asked if she wanted to go on this adventure on finding it.

Of course, she said yes and we were off to Plano past 635!  The directions said it was in a "food court" so we figured it was in a mall until we found a huge sign next to Asia World Market that simply read Food Court.  We did a u-turn and popped on in.  It was an Asian food court heaven and there in the back right corner was Big Bowl!  Our smiles turned to frowns when they said they do not have gift cards and only accepted cash.  Thankfully a lady in line suggested getting a business card and then I thought I could paper clip cash to make a custom gift card.  Perfecto.

Of course we couldn't leave without getting our own teas and trying out a big bowl of shaved ice and I'm telling you, it's my new favorite summer treat!  It comes with shaved ice, fruit of your choice and a big scoop of ice cream.  What's more refreshing than that?

We walked over to look inside the Asia World Market and had a blast.  I was looking for a birthday card, but came upon the worlds largest double isle of instant noodles, candy galore, Hello Kitty everything and even got two cute horse statues for my library from a buy one get one free vase shop.  We were about to give up on finding a birthday card when we re-looked in the first little store and found one!  Success.

{I took a bunch of pictures of Asia World but for some reason blogger won't upload them, so I added links above on the stores - please take me along if you go visit!}

I made it home in time to stop Paul from working on the library and get a quick shower in. 

 We arrived to a beautifully decorated private room and waited with others for the birthday girl.

For one of the hundred appetizers were these Madagascar Prawn's.  Samir told us they are the largest prawns in the world.  

I could go on and on about the food (if I can call it that simple of a word) but I will just remember that night as one of my favorite dining experiences and I'm so grateful to be a part of celebrating her 30th birthday.  

Love you birthday girl!

Love, Sarah

p.s.  Click here to see a video of Nick & Sam's that the company I work for created.


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