Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Instagram more like Instaddicted

I have an addictive personality. ..hence why I've eaten Chick-fil-a two days in a row this week.  But my love affair with Instagram is out-of-control.  I actually up to now was against photoshopping pictures in any way.  I felt like it was a lie and the truth is what you snap.  I wouldn't even check Instagram out thinking it was a scam to pictures.  But once my friend Jun joined, I had to finally take a peek.    

And oh my gosh!  It's like a whole new world I've been open up to.  I even totally dig it more than Facebook.  I hope this feeling doesn't fade as fast as Draw Something left my rotation.  

I'm thinking it's here to stay!

Love, Sarah 
(AKA sarahkingb on the gram)


LindseyC said...

finding you now... im obsessed!

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