Monday, April 16, 2012

Animal Crackers with a side of Dreams

I was obsessed with Shirley Temple as a little girl.  We lived in Germany with only two American TV channels, so I would watch old recorded VHS tapes of her movies repeatedly.  I would sing all of her songs and reenact her lines with my stuffed animals as an audience in my room. 

For the longest time I thought someone was going to find me and put me in the movies.  She made me believe that I was a star.  That Hollywood was this magical place and that I belonged there.  I was so embarrassed by this dream that I never admitted it to anyone (until right now).  I honestly thought they would know once it came true.  

I have that same embarrassment with this blog.  Kittens and Pitbulls brings me so much joy and I would love to be able to do this full time.  To one day have enough readers to obtain sponsors.   I'm so scared of saying that out loud.  To show my weakness in wanting something that may not come true.  

Isn't funny how we think our dreams and goals are suppose to just happen.  That you don't have to put any work behind them.  I now know if I want something, I need to say it out loud.  I need to put action to my thoughts.  It's true to anything no matter how big or small.  

So here I am.  Arms wide open declaring my goal and conquering my fear.  

I would like to have by the end of the year 1,000 local Dallas followers and two paid sponsors.  

Will you help me?  Please "follow" my blog and share with anyone that you might think they would enjoy my content.  I would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Sarah


Carris said...

Sarah, your blog is fabulous, so glad you found me! I shared the same dream as a little girl, except my Shirley Temple was Madonna. And I absolutely related to you regarding blogging, I love it and would love to do this as a full time gig from sponsorships. Crossing my fingers for the bother of us! :)



Shawna Darnall said...

Well Sarah, I'm so laughing inside because I am 42 and grew up absolutely loving Shirly Temple..I also was obscessed with her. Well I didn't dance or sing her songs...but I still just adore her videos. I used to order the "shirley temple" drink as a kid (its just sprite with cherry added) but thought I was so cool. I'm really glad that I was not the only one:-)

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