Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mucho Love

One of my favorite parts about this whole experience with Costa Rica is meeting our family that lives on our property.  You might remember this post when we first met them.  We had originally hired Jose to be our guard when we built the guard house.  Little did we know that he had a wife and four kids and now I can't image Costa Rica without them there.

Jose and his wife Marta always picks us the most beautiful flowers from the jungle and fills our home with their beauty.

They also picked us some bananas from the banana tree.

I got them a few toys and tons of clothes and new bathing suits for the kids.

When I was passing out the gifts Marta told me that she was expecting another child in August!  I couldn't be happier for them and this little one is coming right in time with the other kids ages... 2, 4, 6, 8.

She said she will be not having any more kids after this little surprise.

One day I stayed behind at the house when Paul and Robbie went zip-lining and Jose invited me over to hang out with them.

I snapped this picture of their little pet while Jose burnt our trash.

Oscar and Yurelia were the only kids home while their older brothers were at school.

Shadow and I hung out with them for hours even though we barely speak the same language.

Yurelia brought out all her toys and we lined them up with pride.

I could tickle this boy all day.

When Alonso and Armando got home from school they stopped by my house to bring me some fresh fruit.

I gave them each my favorite cookies and a bottle of Fresca and they skipped all the way home.

Yurelia rarely smiles for a picture, so to capture this smile from her made my day!

I already miss them more than words.

They inspire me to learn Spanish and to be able to tell them more clearly what they mean to us.

Love, Sarah


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