Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love me some Tico Bugs!

I fell head over heals for this guy!  Everything about him captured my eye.  The pink stripes that cover his eyes, the strength of his back legs and how they don't touch the ground until he's ready to spring away, the way his skin changes texture and color in every curve.  Ok, ok, I'm getting a little too deep in my love for him, but goodnight, have you ever seen anything so unique?!

The fumigator Nick came to spray the house with this organic spray and bugs were dropping like flies.  So, I kept rescuing all the survivors when they came to visit.  

When I scooped this guy up, he decided a ride on my shirt would be more fun!  After a lil scream he made it safely to the grass.

What is this guy?  
His antennas were triple the size of him and his legs were more of a grasshopper then spider. 

This guy and his brother are Paul's favorite.  They're poison dart frogs and they like to hang out by the washing machine and garage.  

This my friend is a GIANT cockroach!!!  Luckily Jose stopped by when I was home alone with him and he swept him away for me.  

If you're a drinker, then please pour one out for these guys.  I didn't make it to them in time...

 I was a lil too close to this guy to see Shadow coming right at us.  At least he didn't feel the pain and I gave him a proper burial in the grass.   

God is good.

Love, Sarah


lins said...

this post made me smile/laugh- i love that you photo bugs!! you are adorable.. xoxo

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