Monday, January 10, 2011

Costa Rica: Our new Guard

I finally got to meet our guard, Jose, and his family that will be living in our guard house. We didn't know much about Jose's family but that he had a "woman". Well, not only does he have a wife, but four adorable children. There ages 2, 4, 6, and 8.

When Paul arrived they had placed this flower on our patio table and filled our vases in the house with beautiful greenery.

We knew we wanted to get all the kids Christmas presents, but had no clue on what they would want or need. So, we decided to give them a gift where they could decided. We also went to the super mercado and stocked up on a cart full of food for a feast. Even orange soda for the kiddos, which they each had a glass full before I even sat all the groceries down.

The next day they brought us these beautiful flowers and flowers to plant by our house.

Here's Jose planting the flowers.

Aren't they beautiful?!
They got us the pink flowers to go with our orange flowers.

Meet Lassie! Our new permanent guard dog for down there. He lives with the family.
We noticed that he needed some Christmas presents too, so we went to Shadows vet and found a huge dog bone, new collar and a bright orange leash.

Not expecting anything in return, Jose the next day came back to the house with these beautiful sea shells that he said he dove in the ocean for.

After being there for a week, we began to realize some presents that they might like.

Jose, definitely needed a bike to get down the mountain faster and head into the next town for groceries.

Paul thought the older boys would love to duel with these swords and arrows.

The soccer ball for all and got the girl some girlie gifts.

Here's the whole family.

I only have pictures of the items that we both exchanged, but this family gives us so much more than beautiful pieces of nature, but the feeling of family, security and friendship. They are sweet, humble and thoughtful. The kids never yell, scream or fight (that we saw or heard), but they do play outside, walk down the mountain with their dad, jump up and down when a family member returns to their house. It's what any family hopes for, but occasionally dilutes it with things that our society says you must do or have.

Every time I go down to Costa Rica, I think of the ways I can try to help the people I know. When in return they give me so much more and I always leave with a fresh take on what my needs and wants are.

Love, Sarah


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