Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dylan's Summer Weekend

 Paul has been super busy this weekend getting our FJ and four-wheelers ready to ship down to Costa Rica.  He asked me not to plan anything so he can get it done.  But when I heard that Dylan's brother was in Colorado visiting Paul's dad and Betty Ann I knew Dylan needed a fun adventure too while he stayed in Dallas.  

 Dylan has only spent the night one night at a time, but I asked if he wanted to stay the entire weekend and he accepted the mission.  The first thing we did was write down his goals to complete.  

The next morning we went full speed ahead and went to the Museum of Science and Nature.  We hit up the planetarium and watched Flying Monsters in the IMAX also.

Next up, was how to accomplish "plane".  He wanted to go in a glider.  I remember we had just received a delivery at work from Office Depot, so we stopped by and picked up the boxes.  I had a roll of cameo duct tape in my craft closet (b/c who can walk by that without picking up a roll?)  and we created a glider.

Our neighbor had given us the tip of creating pizzas from scratch with all the ingredients coming from Jimmy's.  We did a competition with Dylan and me against Paul.  We were so stuffed after eating the pizza that we couldn't decide who won.  (The pepperoni's were in an Olympic design before baking.)

Today, we had to leave in a hurry to make it to the movie in time, so we had red-velvet cookies for breakfast.  Yummy!!

We've been watching the Olympics throughout the weekend and currently watching while waiting for his Dad to pick him up.  

Yea!  Fun weekend with Dylan is complete.

Love, Sarah


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