Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bikram Yoga Survival Tips

I love Bikram yoga.  Before my back injury years ago I would go religiously.  It was the hardest moment when I knew I had to give it up.  But for some crazy reason I mustard up the courage to give it one more shot two weeks ago.  ...and I made it through!  

The first class I was very gentle and the next class I did all the postures!  No crying, not even an ounce of pain!  I'm so excited that I want all my friends to come with me.  The only problem is there's always a ton of tips that I give when I invite a friend.  I thought what better than to write a post that I can share for everyone.

Here's my survival tips for Bikram yoga:

WATER - Drink tons of water before and after class.  Also bring a large bottle with you.  I only take about two sips in class, but then it's ready for you following.

EMERGEN-C - This little package is life or death for me.  If I don't take one 30 minutes before class I'll have an extreme migraine that lasts about 24 hours.  I've been taking a package after class as well.

FOOD - Don't eat anything at least 2 hours before class.  I even go a step further and make it 3 and usually a healthy meal.  I do however always eat a banana 30 minutes before class.  

MAT - I have a cheap mat.  I've seen some people with fancy thick ones, but to me... a mat, is a mat. Oh, and they have some there to rent -but trust me- you'll want your own.

TOWELS - Here's a HUGE tip, bring TWO beach towels.  One to lay over your mat during class and the other to cover your car seat after class.  You will produce so much sweat that you think you'll just turn into a puddle.  Gross, but so true.

CLOTHING - Wear the least amount of clothes that you feel comfortable in.  Trust me, no one will judge you, but you want to feel like a bad ass when you go.  I find when I feel the most comfortable and confident my mind is able to stay less distracted.

GO - This might sound like a duh, but trust me, you'll come up with a million reasons not to come.  I do.  Like... I ate too much junk food, it's too hot outside, I didn't drink enough water, I would rather go home.  But, the crazy thing is when I've convinced myself not to go and I still go, that's when I have my best classes.  I think I take off all my expectations of myself and I'm just proud that I'm in the room. It's like a second chance to just do your best.

Yea!  You made it through my survival tips.  Now when do you want to join me in a class?!

Click here for Bikram Dallas' site.

Love, Sarah


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