Friday, February 11, 2011

Beautiful Wreck

I literally just got in a car accident an hour ago.  You might think I'm crazy for immediately writing a post about this, but I felt like I had to write my emotions down.  ...This is my personal diary that I share with my friends anyway.

I was in the middle of shooting a Valentines Day video with Jun Kang and three actors, when we wanted to go to my house to shoot a specific scene.  We hopped in three cars and I shouted out, I'll meet ya'll there.  I went through a intersection two streets away from being at my home, when I was "t-boned" in my passenger side door.  It was the most confusing moment ever, when you realize you're about to get hit in a split second.  

Now that I have taken some pain meds and calmed down from the confusion.  I can't get over how peaceful and grateful I am.  Michelle (the lady in the other car) walked away unharmed, even though she totaled her Jeep SUV.  I can't help but to have this immediate bond with her and to have shared this blessing from God that we were untouched.  

After being seen by an ambulance and given all the information to the cops; Michelle and I had a beautiful moment where we both realized the gift we had just received and embraced each other and shared a kiss on the cheek.  I will never forget her and the feeling of complete solitude with being alive.  Cars will come and go, but being joyful with your life is a treasure.

Love, Sarah


CaseyWiegand said...

sarah, your making me have tears

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