Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SXSW F21 Buys

After work today, instead of going home and taking my dogs for a walk, I called my friend Jen and we went shopping!  

For the past two years we have gone to SXSW together.  Last year we didn't see eye-to-eye the whole time, but we have decided to give it another go and know that we'll be just fine with whatever happens this year.  I honestly couldn't imagine going with anyone but her.  We both love music, clothes and running around Austin like 21 year-olds!

Around this time is when we get giddy and start hoarding clothes we want to take with us to SX.  We decided to check out Forever 21 and see if we could snatch some cheap thrills.  Here's some of what we carried out:
Click picture to see larger.  (Still trying to figure Ps out!)

1. These cute shoes were one of Jen's pick-ups and they would have been mine if I saw them first!  Suedette Fringe Sandals, $15.80
2.  I didn't try this guy on, but saw it walking to the register and knew I would always wonder if I would like this on.  Instead of going back into the dressing room, I just brought him home.  Fringe Hem Crochet Top, $22.80
3.  I picked out a dress similar to this one and thought I could wear it several different ways: as a dress (duh!), ruched up as a shirt, and tucked into another fuller skirt (so I wouldn't have to suck my tummy in the whole day.  Floral Print Dress, $19.80 - not online
4.  I loved the color and thought I could also take this to Costa Rica and wear it as a cover up.  Striped Slub Top, $17.80
5.  I normally wouldn't buy something this tight, but thought what the heck.  I'm planning on wearing a loose t-shirt with it.  Electric Fold-Over Waist Skirt, $10.50 
6.  I'm going to pack up on sweaters and cardigans this go-around, since last year SXSW was unexpectedly cold.  Lightweight Striped Cardigan, $17.80

Who's else is getting ready for SXSW?!

Love, Sarah


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