Friday, February 4, 2011

Deep Ellum Covered in Snow

Travis and Zach stopped by to see what was going on in the Beauregard household and we decided to explore Deep Ellum covered in snow. 

Of course, we first had to take the pups outside.  Today's potty break was probably the funnest one they have ever had.  

Click "read more" if you would like to see pictures from our day!

Sergeant LOVED catching snowballs with his mouth! 

We dropped the boys back off at the house so they wouldn't get too cold and strolled around town.

 You knew I had to make an angel.

For some reason the snow didn't want to stick to make a snowman.  

 ...that didn't stop our fun though!

 This was too funny to watch!  They created their own blizzard fight!

Hot queso with warm tortillas from Pepe and Mitos were scrumchess.

 Have fun in the snow!

Love, Sarah


CaseyWiegand said...

Why are you so fun?! I adore u!

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