Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vintage Cure

I originally had a full day planned out for today.  I have a canvas and art supplies I was going to take to the hospital for my friend Julie in Fort Worth (you can follow her blog here),  then go see Serena and feed her some yummy frozen chicken legs in Bridgeport, and then stop by my grandparents and parents house in Euless before coming back home to Dallas.  

BUT, without a car and my husband working, I thought I was stuck at home.  Luckily, my friend Jennifer called and asked if I wanted to go vintage shopping.  Which, I never turn down.  I got out of bed and did some light stretching, since I am still soooo sore from the wreck ...and we were off!

We didn't have too much time since Jennifer had to work tonight.  So, we decided to go to a sure thing vintage store: Archive.

I immediately had feelings for this leather purse, but didn't feel it was a right fit for me. 

Jennifer had a harder time deciding between these two boots. 

They were both so cute that they canceled each other out and she didn't get either. 

This aztec-ish leather belt in the middle is adorable! 

Can you say, three cute black skirts, 10 times fast?!

I tried this crochet hot pink dress on, but decided I probably would never wear it out.
...Elizabeth South, if you're reading this, we both thought this would look amazing on you!! :) 

 I did however, take this bad boy home.  
I LOVED the parrot on the back of this sleeveless Italian silk top.

Jen-bears made a new furry friend.  

We then stopped in on a whole in the wall for Jennifer to find some little tables.  

She snagged both of these tables for $45.  She's not in love with them, but I'm telling you, I think they are going to be insanely cute with a little makeover!

I got this horse lamp for $10.  I've been looking for a lamp for my new "office" (pics to come soon) and I think I can make something happen with him.

What a fun day for a vintage cure.

Love, Sarah


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