Sunday, May 2, 2010

Serena: Beautiful Day!

When we arrived to see Serena today, we were greeted by an adorable cat. She followed us into the gated off area, so I had to give her some pointers.

Always watch your back

...and stay on this side of the fence!

I know, I know... they look nice, but just trust me.

Today was a lot of fun! Serena was in a fantastic mood! We made sure to bring tons of chicken for her in case she was hungry:

Package uno...


tres and done.

Lots of snuggle time today...

and happy rolling all over the place...

Serena went for a stroll around her place, so we thought it was a perfect time to go say hi to some of her friends...

...and by the time we got back, she was out cold.

We whispered our good-byes and tip-toed off.

Love, Sarah


lins said...

sarah- i love looking at your photos! they always make me happy! hope you guys are doing well. xoxo

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