Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Off With Their Heads Valentines

Paul and I talked about several different plans for Valentines day:
A. Costa Rica
B. Me cooking a home cooked meal for my man
C. Shop for VD presents together

...we ended up picking C. (notice Paul's new grown-up Maui-Jim sunglasses and I got the leather cece flats) and threw in a road-trip to Houston  to see two of our favorite bands Off With Their Heads and Less Than Jake!

Our trip was just under 24 hours long!

You are about to see several self portraits taken by my right hand! 

We were making great time, so we decided to stop off at Kirby's in The Woodlands to snag some fried pickles! 

But, stupid us; we forgot that it was Valentine's Day and they had a set menu.  We ended up going for it and also talked them into making us fried pickles, even though it wasn't available on their four coursed menu.  

We made it to the downtown Hilton just in time to drop our stuff off and run out the door.
...please notice the longest hallway of hotel rooms eva! 

 As we walked in the Warehouse Live, OWTH's were playing their first song!

I think they are the sweetest band and my goal of the night was to give the lead singer, Ryan, a hug! 

Then came on Super Villains.  The drummer reminded me of our friend Dave.

We took a seat in the back of the venue to rest up for Less Than Jake.

 They were so much fun and the lead singer even made fun of me for having my arms crossed while holding all the shirts and sweatshirts we bought of the bands.

Paul did such a great job of finding a close hotel, that we decided to walk back.

 We felt a little safer walking past a police station.  But, check out this honker.  I think the Houston Police needs a booster club to get some new vehicles!

Seriously.  How many shirts does one guy need?  

 The next morning we were out of there. 

Here's Sam Houston himself. 
...Paul gave me one shot to take a picture of him.  He wouldn't even slow down for me!! 

Who can go on a road trip without some snacks?!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Love, Sarah


CaseyWiegand said...

youre so pretty, love u

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