Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arts, Crafts & a Haircut

So, I have a desk in my husbands office, but he always claims it's HIS office. So, I'm going to create my own office! We have this awkward little area in our living room that we've never decided on what to do with it. It has had plans to become a library, area for a piano, space to sell my vintage clothes and so on and so on. Now I've put my foot down and it's going to become my arts & crafts office!!! I just need to design a desk! :)

I'm so random, lets see how this bad boy comes out once I'm done.

Here's my haircut. I've been asking Matthew Tully to give me bangs for two years now. I went in with a stern face and he finally gave me some long ones! My forehead gets tickled all the time by them, but I think I'll get use to it.


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