Sunday, February 14, 2010

Serena: Our Newest Addition

I always thought that parents lied when they said they loved all their children equally. I now know it's possible. Serena has already taken up her spot in our hearts. She's so adorable, strong, lovable, fierce, agile and vocal. Today was our first day to see her since we officially became her adoptive parents. It wasn't the most beautiful day with it being dreary, cold and windy but it was Valentines Day and spending it with her was more than worth it.

We took up a car loaded of gifts for her welcoming into the family and she is just like her little brother Sergeant with tearing the first gift right up in seconds! :)

(The video below is of her eating chicken from my hand.)

Ignore me wearing my husbands pants! I didn't want to get my pants dirty and I put tights on underneath them! :)

Thank you Big Cat Care for taking such great care of our baby and the rest of the big cats at your sanctuary!!

Love, Sarah


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