Thursday, February 18, 2010


Is it time yet?! Is it time yet?! bout now?!

I have been looking forward to sxsw since the moment I flagged a taxi down from leaving a pool party, listening to the Orbins play live last year. It's just so magical. You spend 100% of the time with friends, roaming Austin listening for good bands, rickshawing from one end to the other, people watching is a favorite past time there with fashion senses from one extreme to another and when you luck out finding a band that you know you'll listen to for along time to come, your heart just stops.

I'm praying that Oh Land comes back again with the other Denmark bands. I'll always remember the moment I heard Nanna sing with her bright orange over the top bow on her head. I think we all fell in love at that very moment.

The count down is definitely on for March 19th (we're missing some of it b/c of work) and if you've never been before, i highly recommend it!!

Love, Sarah


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