Saturday, April 10, 2010


Almost every story my grandparents tell me starts with "We took a train to...". To me it automatically adds adventure, old fashion glamour and suspence to every account. I can just imagine them with their hats and gloves, suitcases of the times and ticket waiting in line to aboard the transportation that runs on rails.

If you say the word train, my grandpa comes to mind. He has such a passion for trains, from stories of riding, books of every kind and until recently his model train set. The train set filled an entire large table in a back room dedicated to trains, military planes and his medals of WWII.

I don't think I've walked into another house in my short 26 years of life and had someone show me a train set. What happened to the thrill of becoming your own train conductor, managing a town and all that happens in it. I don't see kids having model airport runways sets in their room, so I don't think it's due to not riding trains as frequently or at all anymore. Where did the passion to dedicate to one hobby go?

Here are some pictures of someones passion for their pastime...

Love, Sarah


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