Sunday, May 16, 2010

Costa Rica: Pauls Visit

Due to many requests for an update. (...well, if you count two request and they happen to be married to each other.) Here is an update on Costa Rica from Pauls trip down there.

He had planned to spend two full days in San Jose to look for appliances, finishes and stones but ended up getting it all done in one day! So, he headed down to the casita a day early. When he got there he found that the construction crew was living out of our garage. Here's a picture for proof:

Paul talked to them for a bit and found out that they are a great group of hardworking guys. They stay at our location for two weeks straight and then they get a weekend to go home and see their families. He brought them some yummy ceviche one day and gave them a bonus under the table after finding out their wages.

It made you think if they could live off that, then what are we wastefully spending our money on here in America. ...a lot.

Here's some more of the house:

That indention is where the tv will go and the bed will be under the window.

The shingles are on the roof.

Here's the lava rock going up.

This is the last part of the road to our house.

After looking at pictures of three different kind of sinks for the bathroom, we decided on these.

Love, Sarah


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