Tuesday, May 11, 2010

While Paul's away...

While Paul was gone all last week in Costa Rica (follow up post soon to come) ...I decided to do some small adds to the house. So, with about $300 bucks I went to Dolly Python and Lula-B's and got some stuff and messed around.

These pictures were in an old newspaper scrapbook that I got from Dolly Python and ripped out some of my favorite pages and framed them and hung them till 1 a.m. one of the nights.

Here's the nook that I was going to turn into my office. But, I found this green chair from Lula-B's that they just put in the store that morning from England. I thought it would be perfect for this space, so I nixed the desk for now.

'I gave My life for thee : what wilt thou do for Me?'

What's better than chocolate and a holographic Jesus picture?!

Everyone that has come by doesn't like this painting, but I couldn't walk away from it at Dolly Python. It's one of those things that I kept coming back to in the store. Their eyes remind me of old English illustrated kid eyes.

Paul's had these elephants for years before me. A client of his gave him the first one and your suppose to buy an elephant on every trip you take and face them to your front door for luck. The globe underneath Paul had in a closet covered with dust. I figured why keep the world locked up in a closet?!

Love, Sarah


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