Thursday, January 27, 2011

To The Market We Go!

 I love to grocery shop!  The only thing is, I don't cook much more than Annie's Mac'n Cheese. So, instead of showing you my favorite recipes, I thought I could show you my favorite "not-much-cookin-food".

 I am not a fan of Whole Foods prepared foods, so I usually go to Central Market for my main shopping and Whole Foods for my mid-week pick ups.

Who knows, you might find your new favorite munch in my list!

All-Time Favs:

I'll squirt these guys on pretty much anything; fruits, vegetables, bread, in a banana/milk smoothie.  They're handy to throw in your purse too! 

I'm dead serious when I tell you this; I'll find things to butter just to get one more bite!

Meal saver in a box.  No matter what I make with this; let it be frozen gluten-free chicken strips, my husband looks at me with I Love You Forever Eyes.  

p.s.  Make sure you grab the Creamy Deluxe box and not the powder.  I made this mistake once and had to spit it out.

 I don't think I could survive my Bikram Yoga class without taking one of these with water and a banana beforehand.

This milk lasts forever.  Serious.  The expiration on this guy is not till March!

These cucumbers are so cute, they'll make you want to make a salad.

Givin These Guys a Shot:
This list is of new items I'm trying this week.

 What?  I'm not too sure either.  I plan on cutting it up and putting it in a salad.  I'll let you know how it goes.

If you've ever been in Central Market, you'll know how it feels to just pick out an apple.  There are sooo many options that it gets overwhelming.  I'm on a mission to find an apple I'll actually eat.

I'm starting off with these, Macintosh apples. ...I figured if they're good enough to name a computer company after, then I'll give them a try.

My mom had mentioned this bread to me before and my favorite coffee shop, Murray Street uses it in their yummy "Insider" sandwich.

It comes frozen, so I'm not to sure if I should just defrost it or toast it from the freezer.  Does anyone know?

 These were just alright.  Anyone know of a yummy buckwheat frozen waffle?

This was my "find" of the trip!  It's pretty yummy, easy to microwave, full of vegetables, and only 90 calories!!

Let me know some of your favorite finds!

Love, Sarah


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