Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slowin it Down

I woke up to Paul coughing this morning and couldn't go back to sleep.  I think it's because God had something heavy on my heart...  

Over the weekend, I was trying to teach my nephew about choices and how throughout life, all you have is the choices you make.  It's funny how you need to listen to what you preach.  Right now I am making the choice to choose filling my calendar, instead of leaving quite time open with God.  I'm choosing mindless t.v., over walking my dogs.  I sleep in on Sundays, instead of rising early and going to Church. I go out to eat and buy prepared food, instead of cooking and putting thought into what I put into my body.  I take my job for granted, instead of thanking God for the work.  I go shopping alone, instead of spending time with someone I love.  I look through gossip magazines, instead of reading The Truth.  And, I allow myself to be so busy, that it wears me down and I end up not being able to attend what I honestly want to do.

I'm not disappointed in the person I am, and the love that's in my heart.  It's just time to really take charge of my time and put it into what matters in life.  I know how grateful I am to have these problems as my burden.  Life has ups and downs and I don't want to take advantage of this blessed time in my life.

Love, Sarah


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