Saturday, May 21, 2011


I got to spend a day with my momma!  We started off at my dear friend Julie's baby shower.  They have had an incredible story through the whole process of having their two beautiful sons Blake and Bennett.  She thankfully writes a blog with all their family updates, so it's easy to keep up with them without calling and asking a million questions. 

Once I was able to steal Blake away from his daddy, I didn't share or give him back (well, until he made a stinky). 

This is the only picture I took of the whole shower, but it's a good one.  This cake was amaretto and DELICIOUS!

After the plate full of cake and tons of hugs from Julie and her family, we headed off to my friend Beka Johnson's art show at the Where House in Fort Worth.

I wanted to snag this painting but it was already taken.  The artist, Ashlee McGuire is a friend of Beka's so maybe I could talk her into painting another one and makin it King sized to put over our bed!

I love how Beka puts her thumb print as her signature.

50 Pack
Thankfully I was able to purchase this bad boy from Beka before anyone else could get it.

I hung it on our wall right next to her "first" painting ever that we bought at her last show that we went to.


Since I wasn't in our hood today, I had Paul scoot over to Kettle Art to check out John Abrams art sale with all the proceeds going to SPCA.  Paul brought home Perro and I think he will look great on the other side of Chucks.

Gotta love the feeling of filling your home with local art.

Love, Sarah


CaseyWiegand said...

can you come over? i miss you so much. one night this week? call me!

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