Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh Costa Rica...

I was looking through my folders of Costa Rica pictures from this last trip and thought I would share these with you...

Beauty and Strength

This horse was just standing free looking down on the road.  I had to jump out of the car to take a picture.

Robbie slept in our hammock the first and last night of the trip.  When we arrived it was already late at night and he couldn't see anything...

and when I woke him up he said he was amazed at the jungle right there all around him.

I grabbed this cantelope on our drive in for breakfast.

I only finished the first of my books I brought on this trip.  A Long Way Gone will forever change me.

Paul asked me to marry him two years ago on that day (Easter) under our tree.  

The tree later contained termites and our builders wanted us to take it down, we said heck no and fought the termites and the tree is still as beautiful as ever.

Shadow loved coconut water!!

Hermit crabs remind me of Lakewood Elementary when they brought them into our school for us to buy as pets.

I hope you're enjoying this lovely weekend.

Love, Sarah


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