Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Easter in July

- ASOS dress, jcrew belt, father-in-laws vintage bolo-tie -

I got this dress online for Easter / my engagement anniversary that we celebrated this year in Costa Rica.  And I stole that lovely scorpion bolo-tie from the bottom of my husbands closet.  He told me that it was originally his Dad's.

So this post is a little awkward to me.  I love looking at other peoples posts about what they wear and where they found their pieces but I am shy in front of a camera as much as I act like I'm not.  

But, I've had some pushes from friends suggesting I should do this and now at work we're starting a style network and will be taking random pictures in the office of our daily outfits.  So, I might as well throw them up on my blog too, right?

Love, Sarah


CaseyWiegand said...

yes yes yes you are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to hang with you lovely!


Such a cute dress. I love the print :)_

thanks for the comment


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