Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Show Love

Some days I forget about how easy it is to show someone love.

My friend Stephanie Ransom is the Queen at making you feel special.  Today she sent me a simple text that read... 

I think you are patient and humble.  

I can't think of a sweeter way to tell someone you're thinking of them.  She also remembers little details of what's going on in my life, sends adorable cards to my home, yes, she actually mails them in the mail to me, she's always on the other end of a call or text, and will stop and pray for you anytime/anywhere.  

And did I mention that she is married, has two beautiful daughters, works full-time, and has more close friends then you can count on two hands.  

I hope to be a friend like her one day.

Love, Sarah

(The beautiful picture of Stephanie was taken by her husband Justin Ransom.  You can see his work on his blog: Click here.)


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