Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AAC Underground Suite

I get the question all the time on what my husband, Paul Beauregard does.  Well here's a little taste of what he does.  

He's a system integrator.  He programs devices to "talk" to each other and be managed from a user interface like an iPhone, iPad or touchpanel.  We're talking lights, security, music, tv's, anything you can name.

One of his clients moved suites and took this one over at the American Airlines Center.  Paul immediately went to work.

 And took this...

to this.

Paul's not done with the icons for the tv's but you can move them around, rewind, and record with just a tap of your finger.

They had to be very strategic on cuts and moves since they were dealing with venetian plaster.

This is a side closable office and those shades open up to where the players go out onto the floor.  

The screen saver picture on the tv's were taken by Justin Terveen.

Paul had these private suite plaques designed for their suite and had extras made for Mark Cubans and the other suite next to theres.

All in a days work.

I wish I could explain what he does better.  Maybe I'll work on that.

Love, Sarah


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