Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last year I heard a story about sacrifice.  How it brought a family out of an African refugee camp by only eating one of their two rations of food and selling the second for a year.  The father knew in a years time they could easily be still eating a full days of food or go hungry for a chance of a better life once they made it out.  

The second I heard this young mans story it hit me so hard.  I want to make a sacrifice.  I want to knowingly go without something to make a difference.  But, what?  

I have kept this to myself for awhile now and the topic came up with my friend Jun tonight.  I told him what I just told you and he surprisingly had the same thoughts.  ...well, we didn't get to his thoughts, but he was fascinated that I was thinking along the same lines as he's been pondering.  It was an ocean length of a conversation that Home Depot couldn't withstand so we left it open for another day.  But it has only started my wheels turning faster.  

I am currently in a unique circumstance where I don't necessarily need to make a sacrifice for a better life. But I have a feeling that God has put this hunger in me for a reason.  

Is there a sacrifice that you are currently making or needing to make that your putting off?  I would honestly love to know.

Love, Sarah


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