Friday, November 18, 2011

Women + Weight

I love, love, love my time with "the girls".  It uplifts you and just feels good to sit around and catch up with an old friend, a new one, or a bunch of them at one time.  But there is one topic that always comes up:  weight. 

If you're in great shape you're probably sharing your workout schedule and strict diet routine.  If you're trying to loose weight you're probably talking about a crazy new fad diet your starving yourself on.  If you're in a new relationship you're probably packing on happy pounds and going on too many dates to make it to the gym.  If you're about to get married you're obsessing about looking perfect in your dress.  It seems the excuses and obsessions just keep on going no matter where you are in your life and the topic always seems to arise consistently.  

But you know what?  Stop it.  Seriously, just stop it.  

Stop wasting yours and everyone else's time with such selfish meaningless vain talk.  At first it was fun.  Most conversations would lead to a plan of working out together, a new recipe to try, a way to get your best year body back.  But ultimately winding up ending at the hug confirming the deal.

There's so much more to life then your perfect body.  Go out there and explore, learn, do something for others.  I promise you the more balanced of a life you have, the more balanced your body will be.

Love, Sarah


The Dayleys said...

Thank you for sharing this. It is a topic that is constantly brought up. My new goal lately is to feel happy about myself, not about the numbers!

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