Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Sergeant's little world has been turned upside down this morning.  We let go of our comfy purple couch.  This was Serg's favorite spot.  ...He would flip all the cushions on it to get the perfect spot to roll up in, shed his little short hairs all over it, and the final straw was when he had an accident in his sleep that we knew it was time to let this guy go.  

Sorry Serg.  

...do you let your pets on your furniture?  We're thinking we just can't give them that option on the new furniture.  It breaks my heart though.  What should I do now?  Make them their own comfy little floor bed??

Help, a sad puppy mom!

Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

Sarah, we don't let our dogs on the furniture so they each have their own beds monogrammed with their names! You can buy them online at Land's End. Serg will love it!!

LindseyC said...

I let all my dogs on my furniture... and the little foster dogs even snuggle at night (gross but I get cold and lonely haha!). I put 2 really comfy/cute dog beds around my couch though, and they seem to prefer that over the cold leather. I've found when I upgraded from fabric to leather the dogs don't like it as much.

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