Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Boruca Indian Festival of the Devils

One of my favorite stories from this last trip is my experience with the Borucan Indians at the Danza de los Diablitos (The Dance of the Little Devils Festival).  Please click here to read more about the Festival and the Boruca Indians.

We decided to take a trip to visit their reservation and picked up two masks a few days before the busyness of the festival.  

Two days later on New Years Eve we were blessed with another gorgeous day.  The trip up the mountain holds some spectacular views.

We walked their land looking for the action and quickly came upon the fight.  I got right up close and quickly pulled out my camera.  

Paul and Shadow had to immediately leave me.  Shadow didn't particularly like Devils fighting a Bull.  So for everyones safety they stepped away.

I noticed that the Devils weren't standing up very well on their own and made the conclusion they were extremely intoxicated.  

A brotherly fight broke out right in front of me with one throwing his backpack on my feet.  While this was happening three men came from all sides of me reaching for my camera.  Like any gringo girl would do, I ran.  ...but they CHASED ME!

I found Paul and an english speaking man told me they were just trying to get me to pay for a "media pass" to take pictures.  I apologized for bolting, but told them if Devil masked guys were chasing you, you would probably run also.  

Now with my Media Pass, I started my picture taking again.

This Indian was the last man standing and was taunting the bull for a dual.

Once he defeated the bull we all moved down to the next set of houses to start the fight all over again.

There waiting for us was the man that threw his backpack on me.  Looks like he needed a power nap.  He was quickly awaken when the bull landed on his body.    

The elders blew their conches and the fighting began.

I was a little worried that most of the Borucan spectators were standing on the other side of the hedge.  I took a few pictures in the mix and then got out of dodge.

I stuck out like a sore thumb ...being a gringo and wearing a red dress.  Paul at least had fun repeating their pick up lines on me though.   

Overall, I have so much respect for the Boruca Indians for fighting for their land from the Spaniards and still today against large companies trying to take over their land.  

Love, Sarah 


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