Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hair of the Dog

Paul and I went out Friday night to celebrate a friends birthday.  Three of the girls were going to leave to Austin the next day and so I decided to invite myself along.  I already had all sorts of plans for the weekend, but for some reason I just wanted to get away.

Here's a little bit of our 38 hour journey...

We relived our 90's rap music days the whole way down. 

Brittany's brother was putting on a charity event on the dirty 6th so we showed him some love.

After a few bands and dinner, I excused myself to my hotel and ordered dessert in bed. 

In the morning I read a book my dad hand wrote to me of stories from his life starting from his earliest memory.  I seriously laughed out loud and cried all morning long.  I read his hilarious stories from his childhood, to first meeting my mom, falling in love, getting married and just got to when they first moved to Germany.  I can't wait to continue reading it...

I then met up with the girls + a few who were ready to hair the dog.  
(Jennifer had to teach me the expression, have you heard of it?) 

We went to Franks and they had a little bit of this...

and we had a whole bunch of that.

We said bye to spam-slappin-Leslie and stopped by Austin's monthly city-wide garage sale before heading out.

This dress was so pretty, but wasn't meant for me (even though I came by twice to look at). 

I did however have a harder time saying good-bye to this fella.   

I did pick a few things up and now I'm back home with my little family.

Here's to unexpected getaways and early Monday morning start times!

Love, Sarah


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