Thursday, January 26, 2012

Play Time

This past trip brought me closer to the kids then ever before.  We played absolutely every single day.  And I'm not talking patty-cakes, we ended up sweating so bad that poor Marta had to give the kids a bath after ever play time!

This dress is from our Moon Over Dallas shoot for the DCVB.  Yurelia loved it (thank you, Jun)!  

We gave them a bench like ours for their patio.  The kids preferred sitting in it, than on it.

And oh the grass.  We pondered for a second to do it or not.  You wouldn't think it but it's very expensive to get grass in Costa Rica.  But we went for it and had a front lawn and partial side lawn put in.

It turned out to be the best thing we could ever buy with money.  

They run...


...and roll, all over the grass.

We also went for walks and Alonso brought his toy truck to ride down the hills on.

Yurelia hurt her ankle on the walk (see her sulking).  The next day it still hurt so we took her to the hospital to get X-rays and it turned out to be just a sprain.

These kids bring so much joy to our lives.  What a blessing to know them.

Love, Sarah


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