Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome to Dominical

This is Dominical.  It's only about 30 minutes away from our home and it's the closest "surf" beach.

Vendors from every walk of life sell their goods along the shore.

Our first stop is always here to Tortilla Flats to split an order of nachos.

Paul picked up this front tortuga to add to our home. 

 I love the two guys at the right side of the picture.

Locals all over the south raise money to pay the lifeguards here in Dominical. 

I added this cross and put it by our front door.  I felt it was necessary since we added two Boruca Indian devil masks to our home.  (Click here to see)

My Dad's dream wardrobe.

 Pura Vida.

Love, Sarah


Becky said...

So cool Sarah! Those nachos look delish!

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