Tuesday, February 28, 2012

iCade Surprise

So Paul goes into the other room, shuts the door and makes a huge deal that I do not come in there.  He said he has a surprise for me and that he's been waiting for it to deliver.  He goes on and on about how I'm going to think it's so cool and that I'll want to get for other people too.

He finally opens the door and shows me this...  

It's an iCade and it has 100 games, including some of Paul's favorite Atari games.  

I have a feeling that Paul made such a big deal about how I'm going to love it, so I won't think he's crazy for buying it.  But, I do know that my nephews are going to dig it.

At least it's cheaper than adding another full size arcade to the game room!

Love, Sarah


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