Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Day Love

We've started a tradition two trips ago that on our last day of our visit we take the whole family to the Tilapia Restaurant and then go to our favorite waterfall.

This is our first family picture all together.  I love how Shadow is looking at me, Oscar is looking at Shadow, and Bexsa is looking at Oscar.

After you fished for your tilapia you wait for them to cook it to your preference.  

They love putting on Paul's sunglasses.

Armando was in San Jose for most the time we were there.  Jose told us he asked to come back because we were more fun and he wanted to see us.  I love Armando so much.  He is the perfect older brother.

Once we got to the waterfall, Alanso immediately started planning the attack on me with the muy frio agua.  

He didn't realize I was right behind him.  Armando was embarrassed, but I got my payback with Alanso.

I tickled him like crazy!  

I can't even explain how cold that water is.  It's so fresca and it's Paul's favorite thing to do.

We're counting down the days to go back and see the kids.  

Love, Sarah


Anonymous said...

I found this blog after we visited Nosara, CR last summer. It's awesome!! We're heading back to CR next month, but probably heading south toward Dominical. Anyhow, this blog is really cool. I always look forward to checking out the photos and this Costa Rican family you help. I have 4 boys and my youngest is 8, wish I could just beam their old toys and outgrown clothing to them. This is a good thing you're doing, keep it comin'! Thanks!


Sarah Beauregard said...

Thank you Susan! Nosara is near where our dog Shadow came from. ...I prefer Southern Costa Rica the most. Dominical is a total surf town. I'm sure your boys will love it. Thank you for thinking of our family down there. They are the absolute sweetest. Please stay in touch and I would love to hear about your trip.

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