Monday, February 20, 2012

Team Beauregard

One of my favorite traits of my relationship with Paul is that we accept each other for who we are.  

I can be super lazy and extremely messy and I never hear a word of complaint from Paul.  His only request is that I don't leave shoes in his walkway to the restroom at night.  And Paul is a worker bee.  I'm talking up to 17 hours a day straight working.  My only request is that we eat dinner peacefully together every night.   And it works.  

I never get the feeling from him that I'm not good enough and he never has to worry I'm lacking attention.  We know that we value each other and that we're on the same team.  I think we both have realized from the past that we hold the key of not tearing each other down and that it takes us both to have a successful marriage.

What key traits do you value in your current relationships?

Love, Sarah


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