Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bad Things

Bad things happen.  
It's your choice on your reaction.

It's a coincidence that I've been thinking about this a lot ...and then yesterday happened.  

I was at work glued to to the tv praying for my family and friends throughout the DFW area as the dangerous storms and tornados were plowing through.  I didn't even think once of my own home.  Then Paul texted me to let me know that we must have been hit by lightening.  We lost control of our entire house.  Everything in our home is ran off of a Savant System and our lights are ran on a Lutron System.  

Paul worked non-stop to just be able to turn some lights on manually from the attic and our sweet AC guy, Randall came over around midnight to get us some cool air in the house.  Paul's first reaction is that we lost about 60k worth of equipment.  We're still finding tv's that are blown and outlets and other devices not working.  What's worse then the money lost, is having to replace it and the time it will take Paul to build it back up.  He has countless hours of time he took away from friends and family into building our home's integration and now it's just gone. 

Your first reaction is to say that at least we're alive or not someone that actually lost their whole house in the storm.  And trust me I've been reminded that by others.  But honestly, it still sucks.  The thing is that I have to eat my own words and control my reaction.

So if bad things happen, then what's going on in your life that is trying to bring you down?  Are you letting it?  I'm not going to tell you it's nothing or that it doesn't hurt internally.  But let's fight against it and show bad things where to shove it! reminder to Paul is that if it was easy, than everyone would do it!

Love, Sarah


Kitchen with Kate said...

Oh Sarah, I am so sorry! Thinking of you and Paul, thankful that this is the only bad, bad problem but it is a toughie. I'm sorry you have to work through this one, I know how hard you've both worked on your home.

LindseyC said...

Oh that sounds horrible... I'm so sorry!!!

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