Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I have 57 blog posts that I have written and never shared.  When something is on my mind or heavy on my heart I write about it, but rarely do I hit publish.  I decided to sit down and over the next few days pick a few to share with you.  Here is one on my constant thoughts of cancer...


Cancer is such a poisonous word.  You almost whisper about it and never say it aloud.  

I have a weird outlook on cancer.  I kinda expect that one day I'll get it.  I have it as a challenge that I will face.  

My Grandmother and Aunt both have survived breast cancer.  

And to be surprisingly honest I dated a guy for a brief moment that had just fought cancer and was finishing out treatment when we started dating.  I swear deep down I thought that while we were dating that I must be "safe" from getting cancer because what are the odds of two young adults going through it at such a young time in their life together.  

...We know cigarettes can lead to cancer, which people put into their bodies.  So tell me why haven't we really looked at the food we put in our bodies?

  America is putting fillers, byproducts, etc into our food, which makes it cheaper to produce and also gives a quicker growing time, which in turn makes more money for the government.  Even though it is causing us to be ill, it's more beneficial for them to continue.  We will then spend thousands of dollars trying to save ourselves.  Like the Ford Pinto in the 70's, when it was cheaper to pay off the law suits from actual deaths then to make a recall and fix all the cars for peoples safety.  Is this the same thing?

Some people question how could God let others get cancer, but it's time to take that finger and point it back at us and ask what are we doing to each other that's causing this epidemic.

I would like to make healthy changes in my diet and lifestyle to ward off this awful beast.  It's time to take a stand against what's causing cancer, instead of focusing completely on surviving it.

What are your thoughts on cancer?  I'm sure there's not a person I know not going through or knowing someone fighting this battle right now.  Peace be with you.

Love, Sarah

(Please note that these remarks are all based on my opinion.)


LindseyC {wanderluck} said...

I completely agree it has to do with what goes into our bodies.... but there are so many varying theories that make it really difficult to follow one. I don't have the energy to eat only raw veg, and truthfully, I love food way too much. But this is a huge problem that breaks my heart. The fact that in Europe we can't even get a lot of the things they have back home because they are ILLEGAL has thrown a huge red flag for me. Sad, really.

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