Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Costa Rica Easter Getaway

I flew down to Costa Rica with Paul for Easter.  He went down a day before me and picked me up from a closer airport the next day.  I was dying to see the kids and Paul reassured me that they knew I was coming.  When we arrived I went to their house before my own to see them ...and they were no where to be found.  Marta was home doing laundry and told me they went for a walk.  I was honestly bummed.   

Then I saw Jose walking to our house with a bouquet of flowers.  He took the kids into the land to cut me fresh beautiful flowers.  They said they tried to beat me to the house before I got there but failed.   

I never get over how gorgeous the natural flowers are in Costa Rica and how much I love that family!

Speaking of the family ...check out Bexsa!  She's huge!!  This was her first time to play in the sand and she loved it.  They even covered her in it up to her diaper!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well.  

He is Risen.

Love, Sarah


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