Friday, May 11, 2012

Il Cane Rosso

We love Cane Rosso.  It's only a walk or scooter ride away from our house, so we go often.  We're so proud of them to be in our neighborhood and for bringing such a high quality of pizza.  Please click here to read all about their Neapolitan pizzas.

It's such a hot spot, so we try to either go for lunch or late dinner to easily get a table.  They have a wonderful patio that is dog friendly and also it looks like they have expanded their indoor dining to an additional wing.   

 The three of us split a small caesar salad.  I usually order a caprese for me alone, but since I saw they had Nutella rocky road gelato as a special I decided to save room for the end.

Kevin ordered the Emma and Paul and I both ordered our own Regina Margherita.  

They both finished their pizza off, but I still had my eye on the prize so I had three slices left over.  

 ...and here it is!  I ate two scoops there and took one to go (which, I finished the second I walked in the door).  I put Nutella on everything, everyday and rocky road is my favorite ice cream.  Mix all that up into a gelato and there's my weakness.  

They also have wonderful pastas.  I had spaghetti two nights in a row so I stuck with pizza this time, but definitely don't miss out on it.

Love, Sarah


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