Monday, June 11, 2012

Kenny Powers and Saalem Intent

Paul's-best-friend-from-high-school-Rudi's-Dad-Horst owns race horses.  Paul has said for the past three years that we'll have to go out to Lone Star to watch one of them.  Today was finally the day.  

Horst rented out a suite, so we watched most the races from up above.  My favorite number is 8, so I had to at least place a bet for that one to show and let Paul pick another for the races leading up to Horst's horse Saalem Intent. 

But the second I saw that Kenny-Freakin-Powers owned horse #8 in the 7th race.  I told Paul to bet up and we headed down for a closer look.  Now some of you might wonder who Kenneth Powers might be, but those who are Eastbound and Down fans know exactly why I got excited.

 He actually came in second and we won a little money.   

Thanks Kenny Powers! 

Now it was time to get down to business.

Saalem Intent goes by the name Marty.  Isn't he a beauty? 

The jockey hopped on and it was time to get at it.
(Check out his braided tail.  He was hoping it was picture day.)

...and they're off!

#12 stayed in the show the entire way around. 

He almost had it but got a little distracted at the very end when he couldn't see his friends anymore and landed in third. 

We were all proud of you Marty.  Hope to see you run again soon.

Love, Sarah


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