Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bull Whisperer

When we were out at our friends ranch last week Paul and I were kicking some corn hole butt, when Wayne told us to follow him.  

He told us to wait right here and that he'll bring the bull in to get a closer look.

...and sure enough, here they came! 

You can clearly see the friendship and the bond these two have.  

 Wayne sat there while Hump got some water on the hot day.

 I could just picture these two hanging out everyday.  There's something special with a friendship that you can't communicate with your words but only with your action.  

The neighbors called Wayne, the Bull Whisperer.  I think with that twinkle in his eye, he could be friends with anyone.

Love, Sarah


LindseyC said...

That is so stinkin cool!

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