Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Glasses what-what?!

Ever since I was little I've wanted glasses.  I use to stare at the sun while we went on road trips trying to damage my eyes so at the next eye appt they would tell me I need them.  What can I say?  Eight year olds aren't the brightest.  I gave up that dream after hearing I had perfect vision at every check-up.  I eventually even gave up going to the opthamologist.

For the past couple years I've been noticing strain on my eyes and even having a hard time driving at night.  I figured it's about time I get my eyes checked out.  Sure enough she thought I would benefit from a light prescription, especially in my left eye.  I'm only suppose to wear them for a few hours a day.

So what lesson did I learn from this?  Never give up on your dreams.  They can always come true.  

Love, Sarah


Samantha said...

What an odd dream to have hahah but hey, at least you have one :)

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